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Americommerce Affiliate Software

Achieve Better Business Performance through AmeriCommerce and OSI Affiliate Software

In today's business environment, being able to succeed entails operating an online shopping cart and launching affiliate programs. One shopping cart system that provides useful solutions is AmeriCommerce. Equipped with a robust set of features, it provides users with the ability to run multiple shops with the use of a single backend and database. Especially popular with seasoned sellers, AmeriCommerce offers a system that gives users the ability to streamline a number of storefronts, launch microstores, and integrate the system into larger ERP and accounting packages. The system likewise offers an end-to-end solution that covers a variety of stages, from order management, credit card processing, marketing, to customer relationship management.

With the AmeriCommerce system, users can monitor and manage their stores using only their web browser. Drawing up sales, marketing, and inventory reports can be done with a single click of the mouse. Existing websites or online stores can also be easily configured to work with AmeriCommerce. The software provides a host of customizations that answer different user needs. Users can also request AmeriCommerce for custom developments to suit their requirements. The shopping cart system comes in five packages, with monthly fees ranging from $24.95 to $299, with no setup fees required. Plans can be scaled and costs $39 a month regardless of the plan. The outcome of using this system can be enhanced with the use of an affiliate program called the OSI Affiliate Software.

OSI Affiliate Software is a web-based solution that enables users to set up and manage their very own affiliate program easily. Because it is web-based, there is no need to install any software. Users can easily create an affiliate program in as little as five minutes and manage it with the use of a backend. The system comes with a user-friendly web interface and full features that allow easy and complete system management. Its multi-tier marketing enables affiliates to make use of up to 10 affiliate tiers while its multiple creatives option offers a range of affiliate marketing method options, such as banner ads, flash banners, page peels, and replications.

There are three major benefits that OSI Affiliate Software users can take advantage of. First, setting up is uncomplicated and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the system can be integrated easily into everything, which enables affiliates to make use of several major gateways and shopping carts. Second, there is no need to install anything because the software is hosted on OSI Affiliate's server, which performs periodic upgrades and manages backups and security. Lastly, using OSI Affiliate Software does not require long-term contracts, has no hidden charges, and can be set up or canceled anytime without fees.

When selling products online through AmeriCommerce, an effective way to increase overall sales is by launching an affiliate program using the OSI Affiliate Software. Having an affiliate program offers better product exposure through trusted affiliates and improved site ranking through more inbound links provided by OSI Affiliate Software’s link building campaign. As the affiliate software program is user-friendly and compatible with the AmeriCommerce system, it is easy to perform the integration that allows online stores to take advantage of features like easy creation of multiple affiliate groups and management of multi-tiered programs. With the use of these two efficient systems, it is easier for businesses to achieve better exposure of their products and to increase their customer base, which ultimately results to higher overall sales and better business performance.