10 Easy Strategies to Market Your Affiliate Program in 4 Short Weeks

First, watch this video with pro tips from one of the top affiliate managers, Geno Prussakov


1. Email Your Users - Send an email to your customers and users advertising your new affiliate program. Let them know how easy it is to join and the fact that they will earn a commission for every referral they send to you. Here is a sample email:


Subject - Business Name Affiliate Program

Hi Name,

Business Name has some very exciting news! We just launched the Business Name Affiliate Program and you can see it here Business Name Affiliate Program Link. Earn more money by referring us to your friends. Join Business Name Affiliate Program by clicking on Apply Now Button.

Affiliate Manager
Business Name
Affiliate Program Link


2. Submit your affiliate program to directories - Submit your affiliate program to affiliate directories and recruit affiliates who frequent these affiliate directories.


OSI Affiliate Which Affiliate Affiliate Ranker Best
Top Affiliate List Affiliates Directory Affiliate First Jamaffiliate.com
Affiliate Announcement Top Affiliate Affiliateguide.com Green Affiliate Programs
Webmaster Affiliates Affiliate Programs Dir Affiliate Cash Directory Affiliate Programs
ESponsors.ws My Affiliate Test AMWSO Affiliate Programs Directory AffiliateSeeking.com


3. Affiliate forums - promote your affiliate program in affiliate forums. Make sure to follow the guidelines of the forum so that you are not banned or marked as spam.


A Best Web 5 Star Digital Point - Affiliate Forum Wicked Fire
Affilorama Affiliate Summit Affiliate Bot Warrior Forum
Twist Forum Affiliate Fix Affiliate Guard Dog SEO Chat
Performance IN Affiliate Seeking RX Affiliate Forum


4. Build relationships - with top bloggers in your niche and recruit them to join your affiliate program. Let them know that they will get commissions for all sales they send your way.


5. Find your most loyal customers and recruit them - to join your affiliate program. Before you sent an email to all your customers, however, after a while you can approach some of your top customers and ask them to join the program. You already know they love your product or service so you know they will market your product well.


6. Email other website owners - who have websites relevant to your business. These websites will be a perfect fit for displaying a banner from your affiliate program or a link. You can use Google to search for keywords associated with your business to find these types of websites.


7. Using above methods, create a spreadsheet - or have a list somewhere you can track the communication between you and potential affiliates. This way if you never get a response after the first time, you can try to contact them again after a few weeks. Generally, this process may take a couple of months to get a response because many contacts are busy and they will not see your emails the first couple of times.


8. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups - related to your business and promote your affiliate program there. Remember, DO NOT SPAM.


9. Partner with businesses - that sell related but not competing products or services and have them promote you using the links and banners from the affiliate program.


10. Learn about affiliate marketing - while in the affiliate forums. Take time to learn about affiliate marketing and how to be a great affiliate manager.



Tips for successful recruitment and communication



2. Keep things light at first. Do not send an email that overwhelms the reader. Know who they are and take time to build a relationship.


3. Do not use a template. Personalize all emails.


4. Have a great commission structure. Offer good commissions and show you are open to offering higher commissions for higher sales.