OSI Affiliate Software Administrative Demo

Learn why Omnistar is the leader in affiliate software by trying our demo.

Easily Setup Your Affiliate Software

The administrative area will let you manage all aspects of your affiliate software. Once you sign up you will be given a unique link for your company to access the administrative area that you can brand.

Powerful Features :

  • Manage every aspect of your affiliate program
  • Easy to Follow Getting Started Wizard
  • Integrated How To Videos
  • Customer Only Marketing Portal
OSI Affiliate Software User Demo

When integrating Omnistar into your site you have two options that are explained below.


Use Our Professional Designed Template For Your Users

If you decide to use our professionally designed template you can have your affiliate program up and running in as little as 10 minutes. Our affiliate marketing specialists have designed a template that you can totally customize with your logos, colors and text very easily in your administrative area.

If you use our professionally designed templates you will be able to:

  • Easily change all text on any page
  • Change the header color to match your website
  • Customize the footer area information
  • Customize or change any buttons
  • Add links to point back to your site
  • Use your own domain name (example: http://affiliate.yourdomain.com)


Have Your Users Sign Up From Your Site

If you choose not to use our professionally designed template then you can add code to your site to create the registration form. By using this method, your affiliate users will never leave your site to come to our template and they can sign up from your site. The process is easy and you do not need any html experience.

The advantages to having users sign up from your site are:

  • Affiliate Users will not leave your web site to sign up
  • You control the look and feel of every aspect of the page
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