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Enterprise Affiliate Software

Get more customers and get more sales by creating an affiliate program for your organization. If you are looking for an easy, hosted, and powerful affiliate software then OSI Affiliate Software is the program for you. OSI Affiliate Software is the number 1 enterprise affiliate software that can help you create and run a successful affiliate program.

Easy To Get Started

You can create an affiliate program using OSI Affiliate Software in 2 easy steps. First, Sign UP For The Free Trial. Second, follow the integration wizard to integrate OSI Affiliate Software with your business.

It Is Hosted No Installs

OSI Affiliate Software is hosted so you do not need to worry about doing complex or technical installations. We host the software on our servers and you get access by going to your own private account.

We Handle Upgrades, Backups, And Security

When you get OSI Affiliate Software, the only thing you manage is your affiliate program. You do not have to do any upgrades, backups or security! We do all of that for you.

Create Unlimited Affiliate Programs

Create as many affiliate programs as you want. Our enterprise affiliate software does not limit you to based on pricing. We give you the ability to have as many programs as you want or need.

Have As Many Affiliates As You Want

Similar to the total number of affiliate programs you can have, you will be able to recruit and import as many affiliates as you want.

Detailed Reporting

Be informed of how successful your program is from the detailed reporting OSI Affiliate Software provides. Additionally, affiliates will also get detailed reporting of their performance.

Pay All Affiliates At Once

Use the PayPal mass payment option to pay out all your affiliate commissions at once.

Track All Affiliate Activity

See how may clicks, conversions, and impressions all your affiliates get. Also, see which offers or ads are successful and connect with customers.