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Plug'n Pay Affiliate Software

The Omnistar Affiliate software allows you to easily integrate your site with many shopping carts and gateway solutions. Currently, Omnistar Affiliate is compatible with every major shopping cart and gateway solution on the market, with more being solutions being added regularly. The affiliate software also offers a way to customize integration using a general method.

One of the shopping cart systems, which Omnistar Affiliate is capable of being integrated with, is Plug'n Pay. Plug'n Pay allows you to redirect to a PHP thank you page when making buttons, which makes it easy to integrate with Omnistar Affiliate.

About Plug'n Pay

plugnpay-logo affiliate software Plug'n Pay is the creator of a number of ecommerce solutions, including an easy-to-integrate payment gateway system. The company was formed in 1996 and provides ecommerce solutions to companies of all sizes. Since 1996, Plug'n Pay has sold its products to more than 40,000 merchants worldwide. Plug'n Pay strives to provide its customers with software to maximize online and point-of-sale profits, reduce risk of fraud and build customer loyalty with a wide array of leading-edge premium products and services.

As its name suggests, Plug'n Pay is a plug-in ecommerce system which is completely hosted on the company's servers, eliminating any web server or hosting requirements. Customers simply generate quantity fields and buttons and let Plug'n Pay do the rest. In addition to the processing gateway, Plug'n Pay also offers a multitude of products to help with online sales.