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VirtueMart Affiliate Software

The Omnistar Affiliate software allows you to easily integrate your site with many shopping carts and gateway solutions. Currently, Omnistar Affiliate is compatible with every major shopping cart and gateway solution on the market, with more being solutions being added regularly. The affiliate software also offers a way to customize integration using a general method.

One of the shopping cart systems, which Omnistar Affiliate is capable of being integrated with, is VirtueMart. VirtueMart allows you to access the source code for the software, making it easy to integrate with Omnistar Affiliate.

About VirtueMart

irtue-mart-logo affiliate software VirtueMart is the leading shopping cart solution for the Joomla content management system. Like Joomla, VirtueMart is open-source software and completely free of charge. VirtueMart used to be known as mambo-phpShop and was used exclusively with the Mambo CMS system. Since then, the developer, Soren Eberhardt-Biermann, changed the name to VirtueMart and made the software compatible with the newer Joomla CMS.

VirtueMart is written in PHP and requires MySQL for data storage. Because of its open-source nature, all source code for VirtueMart is available, allowing wide modification and customization to individual shopping carts. The software allows for unlimited products and also provides a way to sell downloadable produdcts. VirtueMart is based in Germany.