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Yola Affiliate Software allows affiliate marketers to implement innovative technology for the benefit of their team. Legitimate affiliate marketing businesses must flow with ecommerce, by utilizing resolutions that facilitate the modernized-sales process that is beneficial to everyone involved. This often means using upgraded-but-simple technology to create a website for your affiliate marketing products. You know that you need an outstanding website, but where can you use simplified-site tools to get the job done? Affiliate marketers and other independent-business owners have used Yola and its simple-step technology to create a website.

What is Yola?

Yola uses free and paid selections to help businesses owners create a do-it-yourself website. The site incorporates many advanced technologies in website design, but business owners do not have to be tech-savvy to use their tools. Yola Affiliate Software provides affiliate marketers with secure and reliable alternative for website building. It is a premier solution for affiliate marketers that need to get started fast with customizable and designer templates. However, Yola also provides affiliate marketers with design services, so that you are able to stay busy with other aspects of your business. Furthermore, if you decide to allow Yola designers to create your website, you will still have full control to update the site at anytime.

The Benefits of Yola

You can begin to brand you affiliate marketing business by purchasing a pre-configured domain name from Yola. You also have the ability to use private registration with Yola, and you receive unlimited bandwidth. Here are the benefits of Yola:

- Full designing control of the do-it-yourself interface  
- Choose the template that best matches your affiliate marketing needs  
- Easily alter navigation windows and add as many pages as you require  
- Drag and drop pre-created content with the ability to format/edit within the Yola interface  
- Use money-saving photographs from Yola to enhance your website or import your own  
- Establish and affordable email account with Yola with the ability to create many sub-emails.  

The Benefits of Yola Affiliate Software

Yola has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Entrepreneur and ABC news, because many business owners have been able to quickly present their products and services to the world with their website builder. So, once you have created your website using their services, you will easily see how you can incorporate Yola Affiliate Software from Omnistar to achieve business success. Here are the benefits of Yola Affiliate Software from Omnistar:

- Meet your goals in no time as your affiliate users utilize you banners, page peels and light boxes with an easily-duplicated Yola site 
- Use Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software to set your payment system on autopilot 
- Create easy two-way communication between you and your affiliate uses with email marketing software from Omnistar 
- Integrate Omnistar Tell-A-Friend forms into your Yola website to increase your profitability with viral technology. 

Yola Affiliate Software from Omnistar gives you all of these powerful benefits and more. Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software is the smart choice to integrate with your Yola website, especially because it you get a 10-tier affiliate-design model, easy compatibility, and powerful control panels to develop everything your affiliate users need for success.