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RomanCart Affiliate Software

The Omnistar Affiliate software allows you to easily integrate your site with many shopping carts and gateway solutions. Currently, Omnistar Affiliate is compatible with every major shopping cart and gateway solution on the market, with more being solutions being added regularly. The affiliate software also offers a way to customize integration using a general method.

One of the shopping cart systems, which Omnistar Affiliate is capable of being integrated with, is RomanCart. The RomanCart admin section contains a section which allows you to add a tracking script, making it easy to integrate with Omnistar Affiliate.

About RomanCart

roman-cart-logo affiliate software RomanCart is a UK-based hosted shopping cart and internet marketing system, which is used by over 34,000 merchants. RomanCart touts itself as a system that will turn a website into an online store in less than five minutes. This is possible because of RomanCart's "Add to Basket" buttons, which can be easily generated through the admin section and then pasted into your website as HTML code. In addition to the shopping cart system, RomanCart also offers options for delivering your products with automatic courier pickups or storing your inventory in their warehouse.

The RomanCart system starts at $89.99/yr but does not include many of the advanced marketing features such as autoresponders, coupon codes, etc. Three more pricing levels are available beyond the base $89.99/yr price, all the way up to $739.99/yr, which allows up to 10,000 products to be stored in the product manager. With all plans besides the base $89.99/yr, customers have access to a huge amount of advanced marketing tools, which can help dramatically increase profits.