Affiliate Software for Multi-Tier Users

Omnistar Affiliate is built upon a solid subsystem designed to provide you with the best and easiest to use affiliate software on the market. Our multi tier affiliate software comes equipped with the capacity to work with any shopping cart, and allows you to easily configure a multi tier marketing program. Anyone who has used multi tier affiliate marketing before knows that the benefits for rewarding advertisers for recruiting new ones. Our affiliate program has a multi tier system built into its core, and ensures that you will have the flexibility you need, allowing you to use up to 10 tiers.


How can the Affiliate Software help me as a multi tier user?

The Omnistar Affiliate multi tier affiliate software has everything you need to start advertising your site. Our software includes three different advertising methods, commission for sales, pay per click, and pay for impressions. You can have multiple tiers of uses for the commission system, ensuring that your advertisers are rewarded for bringing you new affiliates. You can offer your affiliates banner ads, text ads, page peels, and light box ads. This ensures your affiliates have a flexible system for implementing your multi tier advertising network.


All at an affordable price!

Omnistar Affiliate is a powerful system, but it also has the added advantage of coming at a great price! Our system includes all of the affiliate's features, allowing you to do whatever you want with the system without having to buy add ons or upgrades. Our software also comes with free installation as well as 12 months of 24/7 support and upgrades. Even better, if you don't like our software, we offer a 30 day, no questions asked money back agreement. There's no reason not to try us out today.